The Dominion League Weekly Podcast

The Dominion League Weekly Podcast

Dec 16, 2022

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Open door 16 of the DLW Advent Calendar 2022! Join the discord to look at the card history while you listen to Donald X.

Ode of the day:

Venture by saltroza

At times, when once I looked upon a board Whose drawlessness foretold a sorry game And wondered how I'd manage to afford The provinces my heart would seek to claim, I'd scan the kingdom yet, until my eye Fell wearily upon a yellow gleam More typically ignored, and with a sigh, I'd undertake a speculative scheme To chain my way through shuffles, on a trek Past endless junk, through treasures uncontrolled, Haphazardly discarding bits of deck, To end the quest, perhaps, by striking gold — And glad I was that still some hope remained When, truly, nothing Ventured, nothing gained.


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