The Dominion League Weekly Podcast

The Dominion League Weekly Podcast

Dec 17, 2022

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Open door 17 of the DLW Advent Calendar 2022! Join the discord to look at the card history while you listen to Donald X.

Ode of the day:

Embassy by JNails

You gave high fives but then went “Not so fast! Deceptively, I’m no more draw than Vault” It’s come to pass, the joke’s on you at last Some say it’s that old Baba Yaga’s fault

The kingdom’s renovating with the times Yes, even way out in the hinterlands With fewer duds they’re no longer inclined T’ward terminally sifting through bad hands

Thematically ambassadorial With Silvers as the treasure passed about We gather here in grim memorial To mourn a card that came then went back out

I bid adieu, majestic Embassy Sincerely signed, one who remembers ye.


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