The Dominion League Weekly Podcast

The Dominion League Weekly Podcast

Dec 22, 2022

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Open door 22 of the DLW Advent Calendar 2022! Join the discord to look at the card history while you listen to Donald X.

Ode of the day:

Silk Road by saltroza

In the annals of history, myriad nodes Have been braided and twined into splendid silk roads, Each traversed till there wasn’t a road left to wend As it twisted away to a sudden dead end.

Over empires and centuries, goods were conveyed On a byzantine network that bustled with trade, Bearing merchants and artisans, spices and wine Till it frayed into rapid, unhappy decline.

In a web woven later, a corner was dimmed; With elixirs and murk, there a marketplace brimmed — Till their ciphers were broken, their leaders arraigned; As the threads came unravelled, their blocks were unchained.

And the last of the roads, not so keenly adored, Was an emerald whose shine was too often ignored: Though well groomed, and itself an admirer of green, Now it's curved into dust and departed the scene.

So we relish unpicking the warp and the weft Let the track overgrow; may the trace that is left Form a place tucked away in a lush, verdant dale Where we someday might frolic: an untroubled trail.


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